Michele Blanchard Design Gallery

Prom Gowns & dresses

Designer Michele Blanchard and her staff take special pride in providing today's young ladies with lavishly styled gowns or dresses that represent current trends in fashion. We provide our young ladies with Red Carpet Treatment during the entire couture custom process. Starting with our free consultation understanding the customer's needs and converting those needs into reality is our main goal. Call (443) 762-4880 to arrange for a consultation appointment.

3 Pictures of Red Prom Dress
Pink Prom Dress
Lady in Prom Dress with Silver Balloons
Red Gown Red Flowing Gown Pink Gown with Suited Men Fuschia Gown
Red Gown and Red Suit Shimmery Gown Short Yellow Prom Gown Couple
Beige Crop Gown Pink Gown Prom Couple Pink Prom Dress
Long Lace Gown Pale Green Prom Gown Short Blue Prom Dress Back of Red Gown
Red Prom Dress Front of White Gown Prom Queen Lacy Prom Dress